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Preference: His reaction when you have a dirty dream about him. (REQUESTED)

Harry: you and Harry were watching a movie and you fell asleep.
“Oh Harry, ohhhh keep going”
“Harrehhh, faster”
Harry starts tapping your shoulder wanting to wake you up.
“What??” You say finally waking up.
“What were you dreaming about?” He said with his smirk showing off his perfect dimples
“Umm..” You start to feel your cheeks getting red.”Well, err, umm…” Too embarrassed to talk you go under the covers. A few minutes later he goes under the covers with you.
“Sorry I made you uncomfortable babe. But, uh, why don’t we make that dream a reality?…”
Louis:”Louis… “Ughh babe you’re so huge”
“PHTTT AHAHAHA…” you’re woken up by the sound of Louis’ laughter. “Having a good dream there??”
“What?” You say in confusion.
“Yeah well babe” putting a hand on your shoulder, “you talk in your sleep”
Niall:”Niall come on… stop teaaaasing…” “Let me ride your cock already…”
You open your eyes cause you hear a grunt. Looking next to you in bed is niall, with a massive boner.
“Yeah, um… I’ll go take care of this…” he’s just about to stand up, you say
“Maybe…” placing your hand near his crotch, “I could help you with that…”
Zayn: “Zayn, put your cock on my face I wanna suck that little bitch”
Feeling a hard object on your cheeks you open your eyes.
“ZAYN!? What the fuck are you doing!?” His member is next to your face
“What? I’m doing what you asked me too!”
Liam: “Liam oh my lord your 10inch feels so good inside my wet pussy”
Realizing you said that you open your eyes and catch Liam starring at you.
“Oh, Liam… I didn’t-“
He cuts you off. “It’s okay babe, everyone has dreams like that once in a while. Don’t be embarrassed.”
“Thanks babe”
He reaches for your hand and smiles looking at you with his beautiful brown eyes.”hey Y/N?”
“Yeah Li?”
“I love you”


This was requested by Laura, hope you like it don’t forget you can request anon, one shots, dirty, sweet, romantic, preference etc.

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